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Leaving Cert Assignment 2011-2013 (Vegetarian diet)

The delicious Goats Cheese and Spinach Roulade that we made for this assignment is from the BBC website , We chose this recipe as it was suitable for a vegetarian ( Cheese & eggs are high in HBV protein, spinach is high in non- haem iron & Vitamin C , we added some toasted pine nuts to the filling also to increase the Vitamin B and E content of the dish).  This recipe required quite a bit of skill but was very tasty. However we all agreed that there was too much cheese in the recipe, so I would reccommend reducing the amount of Ricotta by half. 

Here is the actual Assignment               

Well planned vegetarian diets have been found to offer benefits in the prevention and treatment of many degenerative conditions

With reference to this statement, investigate

(i) the different types and (ii) the possible benefits of vegetarian diets.

Research and elaborate on the nutritional needs and meal planning guidelines that should be considered when planning meals for a person who is a vegetarian.

Having regard to the factors identified in your research, select a specific vegetarian diet and suggest a range of main course dishes suitable for the main meal of the day. Prepare, cook and serve one of the main courses from your research. Evaluate the assignment in terms of (a) implementation and (b) the specific requirements of the assignment.






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Leaving Cert Assignment no. 1 2011-2013

Fifth years worked very hard on their Leaving Cert cooking assignments and journals this year.  We made some interesting dishes- some more successful than others!

Assignment 1

Rough puff and choux are two types of pastry frequently used in home baking. Compare and contrast rough puff and choux pastry having regard to uses in sweet and savoury dishes key points to follow to ensure success when making each pastry and the underlying principles involved cost.

Prepare, cook and serve one dish (either sweet or savoury) that you have researched. Evaluate the assignment in terms of (a) implementation and (b) the advantages and / or the disadvantages of making this type of pastry at home.

  • The advantages of making choux pastry at home included- learning a new skill, controlling the ingredients, being able to batch bake and freeze, cheaper than shop bought pastries and superior home-made taste.
  • Some of the disadvantages included; certain level of skill required, some specialist equipment required ( we made our own piping bags from greaseproof paper but a real piping bag would have been more convenient), time consuming, washing up to be done and they require careful attention. 

Below are some beautiful Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce from the LIVING TODAY text book by Margaret P Kinsella and Marguerite O’Brien. This dish demonstrated the process of making choux pastry,  which most of the students did very well.  We found the chocolate sauce recipe using mars bars and the microwave so quick and easy to do that we might just make it every day! 

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Christmas Cakes made by Ms. Johnston’s TY class 2011/2012

This year, as always the TY class before Christmas baked and decorated some amazing Christmas cakes that looked simply too good to eat.  The winning design (Choir Boys) was voted for by teachers and students,  and was a very deserving winner.

We used Rachel Allen’s Luxury Christmas Cake Recipe and it was very tasty and certainly luxurious.

We bought a lot of the equipment for icing in Kitchen Compliments on Chatham Street, the shop is like an Aladdins Cave of goodies for icing and decorating.  We used some of their pearl shimmer dust, holly leaf cutters, food colourings and smoothers.

Well done girls, I hope you enjoyed eating the cakes.

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