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Special Diets- 5th year

Obesity   Obesity, Dental Decay, Coronary Heart Disease, Cholesterol

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Vitamin B Notes

Vitamin B 6th year leaving certificate notes on the 6 B Vitamins

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Vitamin C- notes

Vitamin C  6th year notes on Vitamin C, 17/09/13

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Vitamin E-Revision Picture

Notes On Vitamin E Vitamin E -Tocopherols


Vitamin E in yellow

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Vitamin K- Revision Picture

Vitamin K revision notes Vitamin K (napthoquinones)

Vitamin K



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Vitamin E- Revision Picture

Vitamin E

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Vitamin D- revision picture

Vitamin D Notes Vitamin D – Calciferols


Vitamin D

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Vitamin A- revision picture

Vitamin A Notes Vitamin A – Retinol and Beta-Carotene


Vitamin A


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Social Studies Notes- Family Law and Functions of the Family

Social Studies Notes- Family Law and Functions of the Family.

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Dietary Requirements

Energy and diet Fifth year notes from 10/09/13

Dietary Requirements for Babies, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly and Convalescents

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