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Fift Year, Pastry Assignment

Chocolate Tart The winning recipe, we will make this on November 18th, make sure you get good quality chocolate and it is not chocolate flavoured cake decoration Chocolate Tart .

Notes for Pastry assignment for anyone who was absent Assignment 3

The recipe for the Mille Feuille and Lemon Tart is here for anyone who wants to try it Pastry recipes

Please vote for your favourite dish to cok for our pastry assignment.

Chocolate Tart Lemo Tart Mille feuille

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Microbiology Notes- 6th Year Mid Term Homework

Please transcribe all notes into hardback copies.  Draw and label all diagrams. 

There is an optional exam question at the end, please ignore this and do the question below instead (optional), I  had intended to give you a long question on microbiology from exam papers , but there was none solely on this topic, maybe something to watch out for!

Enjoy mid term and Happy Halloween.

Optional Homework Question

1.Outline 2 uses of micro-organisms in food production (10)
2.Outline the conditions required for the growth of yeast. (20)
3.Describe the steps one should take in the preparation of food to prevent contamination by micro-organisms (20)
If you have a question or problem just leave a comment, I will try to answer if I am not too busy enjoying the food and wine in Italy!!

Microbiology 1

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Bord Bia Presentation

image[1] image[2] image[8]image[3] image[4] image[6]We were very lucky to have a presentation by Sheila Kelly from Bord Bía this week. 4 classes of sixth years attended and really enjoyed the presentation by Sheila (especially the tasting!).

Areas such as The Irish Food Industry, Healthy Eating and the Quality Assurance Scheme were covered, among other topics from the Leaving Certificate Home Economics course.

Sheila cooked some beautiful, quick and nutritious meals using the finest of Irish ingredients, she made (and the girls tasted) Spicy beef Fajitas with Tomato Salsa and Guacamole, Beef Stir Fry, Rosemary Marinaded Pork Chops with a Chickpea Salad and Omelette with Irish Farmhouse Cheese.

Thank you Sheila and Bord Bía for such an informative and enjoyable presentation.

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Fifth Years Assignment 2

As a low salt dish for assignment 2 we made Mexican Chicken Fajitas with Spicy Tomato Salsa, we used this great recipe from Rachel Allen, and didn’t need any salt at all as it was so spicy and full of flavour. Well done fifth years, 2 down 3 to go, next up is our pastry assignment, I am thinking something sweet….

Chicken-fajitas-main_A0 410x290-chicken_fajitas_thumb 518_1_29620131015-181139.jpg






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5th Years – First Leaving Certificate Assignment

5th years did a great job cooking their first dish, Beef Lasagne and writing up their first assignment which related to cooking for a 3rd level student.
Next week they are making Mexican Chicken Fajitas with spicy tomato salsa.









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New Food Pyramid

Here is a quick link to the new food pyramid, which is not in your text books.

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Raising Agents

6th Year notes on raising agents from Chapter 4, Food Preparation and Cooking Processes.

Finish for homework, click here Raising Agents

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