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Cookery School In Manor House- February


Cookery courses are full, so I am not accepting any more applications.

There will be two cookery courses in Manor House this February mid term open to 6th class to 4th year students.

  • Cake Decorating and Icing- 9.30 to 12pm, Thursday 20th and Friday 21st, 40 euro
  • Italian Cookery- 1pm to 3.30 pm, Thursday 20th and Fiday 21st, 40 euro.

Download the application form here, and return by post or give to Ms. Johnston in school before February 14th.

Application Form February

Please click on the link below to find out more about the cookery course.

Cookery Courses in Manor House School

* please note there was a mistake on some documents, Italian Course is from 1- 3.30 pm

There will be two cookery courses during Easter also, follow the Blog to hear about it first.

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Why do girls do better than boys in school?


Sixth Years, following on from todays discussion in class, I came across this recent article from the Irish Times, which discusses educational achievement in boys and girls.  Statistically girls out perform boys in exams.

According to the study this is partly due to stereotyping;

 “The results show that, from a young age, children pick up gender stereotypes that are self-fulfilling, causing boys to do worse than they could and contributing to their underachievement,”.

Have a read, it is very interesting and will be useful for answering questions on Education in the Social Studies Elective.

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Fifth year homework

Sorry girls there was a problem uploading the PowerPoint on protein in school, so just draw the structure of an amino acid in your note copies.

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Social Studies Elective

family planning

While studying Social Studies and Social Change in the Family, we watched an interesting video clip also on Irish women campaigning for their right to access contraception in 1971.  While it was widely available in the UK and other countries, contraception was illegal here due to the strong influence of the Catholic Church on the Government.  It shows Irish women who travelled to Northern Ireland to ‘smuggle’ contraception into Ireland.  They were met by the Gardaí and customs officers in Connolly station,  and hundreds of Irish women chanting, ‘Let them through, let them through’, it was truly remarkable.  Here is the link if you would like to watch it


In 1978 the Health (Family Planning) Bill was introduced , this bill limited the provision of contraceptives to “family planning or for adequate medical reasons”.  A controversial part of the bill was that contraceptives could only be dispensed by a pharmacist on the presentation of a valid medical prescription from a practicing doctor. On 1 November 1980 the Act came into operation.

The Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Act 1985 liberalised the law by allowing condoms to be sold to people over 18 without having to present a prescription; however sale was limited to categories of places named in the act.

This is one of the many reasons that family size has decreased dramatically in recent years.

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Home-made cinnamon and apples oatmeal

Try these for a healthy start to your day.

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