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Household Technology- Chapter 11

food processor
Link to excellent notes on household technology.

We will be studying the following:
1. Appliance with a motor- food processor
2. Appliance with a heating element – kettle
3. A refrigeration appliance- fridge
4. A microwave oven

For each appliance you need to be able to;
Draw and label a diagram
Explain the Working Principle
Describe the Construction of the Appliance
Outline Guidelines for Use
Outline Guidelines for Care and Cleaning

For your notes the following document taken from these notes, outlines the working principle of each Working Principle Document

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Chocolate Brownies with Carmelised Nuts and Chocolate Fudge Sauce

brownies Here is the lovely recipe TYs used last week.  The recipe is from MacNean House,  where Nevin Maguire is the head chef. It is an excellent recipe and we produced some very decadent, delicious brownies.   One thing to watch out for is the caramelised nuts, we had a few girls who took their eyes of the saucepan and ended up with burnt nuts! I don’t like pecans, so I used hazelnuts in mine and they were delicious.  I also had to shorten the cooking time at home to 20 minutes , as my fan oven is very hot. Chocolate Brownie with Fudge Sauce and Caramelised Pecans

. image image imagenutsuntitled

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Fajitas with Tomato Salsa and Guacamole


Beef or Chicken Fajitas with Homemade Tomato Salsa and Guacamole recipe for TY students on Tuesday October 14th.

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Vitamin B Group

vitamin b

There are 6 B vitamins. You can put all 6 on one table or do 6 separate tables or pages.

Vitamin B notes

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Iron and Vitamin C

untitled 1

Vitamin C notes

Iron notes

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Test on Friday- 6th Years

Fridays test will be on the following;

Classification of Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamin K

Vitamin D


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Calcium Notes

Calcium Notes






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Vitamin K- Revision Picture & Vitamin K notes


Vitamin K notes


Vitamin K

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Vitamin D- Revision Picture & Vitamin D notes

Notes on Vitamin D – Calciferols




Vitamin D

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