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Step Challenge

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This week the Health Promoting School Team proudly launched our Step Challenge during school at lunch time.  Students are encouraged to go to the hockey pitch at lunch-time and walk around it 3 time (1000 steps, takes approximately 10 Minutes) For this they will receive a stamp. The students with the most steps at the end of the year will receive a prize. Step challenge sheets can be obtained from library.

Getting out of school each day improves mental health and physical health and is great fun. Hopefully the weather improves soon and it will be even better.


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Healthy Drinks Policy


Manor House School are currently drafting a healthy drinks policy.  We are promoting milk and water as the only healthy drinks to be consumed by students in school. This decision is based on recommendations from the HSE and feedback from parents in the Health Promoting School Questionnaire.

What’s wrong with other drinks? 

Excess sugar causes tooth decay and can lead to obesity.  Drinking sugary drinks in school can cause a massive spike in blood sugars and then a sudden drop in blood sugars, making it difficult to concentrate and learn.  Diet or low calorie drinks often have sweetener added to replace sugar, however this is not  a healthy option either as carbonated drinks and sweetener also damage the teeth.

How much sugar should we have?

Many drinks have more than the total Recommended Daily Amount (RDA)  of sugar in one bottle. For teenagers the RDA is no more than 20 mg of sugar or 4 teaspoons.  Look at the following examples:


Drink Amount of Sugar
200ml carton of Capri Sun 4 teaspoons
500 ml bottle  Lucozade Original 4 ½  teaspoons
500 ml bottle Coca Cola 13 teaspoons
500ml bottle Club Orange 16 teaspoons
500ml 7Up 13 teaspoons
250 ml bottle pure orange juice 4 ½ teaspoons
250 ml bottle Innocent Strawberry & Banana Smoothie 7 teaspoons
500ml Ribena Blackcurrant 6 teaspoons
400ml Yazoo Chocolate Milk 9 teaspoons

This article on sugary drinks is also quite informative.




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1st Year Sewing

First years produced lovely neat cross stitch on their bookmarks.


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