home economics notes

3rd Year Mock Practicals

Well done to all my third years who completed their mock practical exam recently. This exam is worth 35% of the mark for Junior Cert and this will increase to 50% with the new Home Economics specification in 2021. Cooking is such an important life skill, so glad to see it is being recognised as this. Below are a sample of some of the fantastic, colorful dishes the girls produced.

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Healthy Dinners

Junior cycle Home Economics students made a healthier version of chicken nuggets and chips. They made oven baked chicken goujons and spicy potato wedges. Leaving the potato skins on and using brown breadcrumbs increases the fiber content. We served this with a capresse salad to add colour, calcium and vitamin C, making it a very balanced meal.

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Cupcake Decorating Competition

Congratulations to Transition Years who took part in the cupcake decorating competition . The winners impressed the Deputy Principal, their Year Head and their TY coordinator by making Oreo butter icing and unicorn cupcakes. Well done 👍

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School Canteen


Thank you to John and the team in the school canteen for supporting the Health Promoting School team. John makes delicious brown bread with pumpkin seeds and home made soup every day. Water is the only drink sold in support of our Healthy Drinks Policy.


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