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Open Evening


Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday from 6 pm to 8pm at the Manor House School Open Evening.  Come to the Home Economics kitchen to see our excellent facilities and to the sewing room to see the fantastic craft projects completed by Junior Certificate students.



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Good luck today girls


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6th Year Notes on Household Finances and Mortgages

6th years, here are some notes to summarise this section that we have just finished.  You may find it useful to print or rewrite these.


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Macronutrients – 6th Years, Revision

6th Years, use the questions below to help you revise macronutrients .


Answer the following questions in relation to Lipids, Protein and Carbohydrates.

1. Draw and explain the structure of the following;

a) Lipids – saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids

b) Proteins – Primary, secondary and tertiary structure of protein

c) Carbohydrates – Monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides

2) List a source of each of the classifications above (ie 1 source of saturated fatty acid, 1 source of an unsaturated….)

3) Outline 3 properties of each micronutrient (list, explain and give an example)

4) Give 4 biological functions of each macronutrient

5) Outline the digestion, absorption and utilisation of each

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Culinary Skills Trip to Italy


I had the great pleasure of supervising a wonderful group of 2nd and 3rd years on their Culinary Skills Tour to Sorrento, Italy. The trip was amazing as you can see from the photos. We did so much in four days, including visiting Rome, Pompeii and numerous food producers ( my favourite was probably the Mozzarella farm, the girls’ favourite was definitely making ice cream). The highlight for me was the cookery school, which we attended every night, where we made and ate authentic Italian food with the beautiful Lucia and her family. A huge thank you to Ms. Crowley, for all her hard work organising the tour and also to Stephen from Saffron travel who made everything happen so seamlessly (more photos and links to follow). 20131103-172626.jpg

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Cross Stitch Alphabet

Here is the alphabet we have been using in class for our craft projects

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Baking Academy


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Vitamin D- Revision picture

Vitamin D

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Vitamin A – Revision Picture

Vitamin A

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Vitamin E- revision Picture

Vitamin E in yellow

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