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Health Promoting School Event

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The HPS event for parents was a great success. and very well attended. Parents and teachers learned so much from our excellent guest speakers. Thank you to all who came, but especially to our guest speakers who volunteered their time.


Eavanna Breen, founder and director of  Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic shared some of her extensive skin care knowledge, in particular how teenagers can establish a good skin care routine and she also gave advice on acne. Eavanna highly recommended Omega 3 as a supplement for healthy skin. Eavanna has a blog and is on Instagram @eavannabreen and is well worth following if you want to know more about skin care and acne for you or your daughter.


Anne O’Leary introduced us to Smovey rings and lots of people were keen to try them and use them.  Anne is planning to start classes in the Autumn and if anyone would like to get notification,  you can email her at



Our third speaker Colin Donnelly gave fantastic information and advice about how to recognise mental ill health in teenagers and how to talk to them about it.

Thank you again to all 3 speakers for giving us your time.  We hope to continue this initiative in the future in Manor House, please email if you are a parent of a Manor House student and would like to share your expertise or knowledge with other parents.


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Health Promoting School Event for Parents

Many parents who completed the HPS questionnaire last year suggested that they would like to be more involved in the school community and stated that they would like to find out more about various aspects of health.  In response to this the HPS team have organised a health promoting event for parents.  3 parents have very kindly volunteered their time and knowledge to share with parents.

Date: Wednesday 10th April
Time 10.00-11.30
Venue: Big kitchen, Manor House School (enter through reception and please sign in)
10.00- Eavanna Breen- Skin Care
10.30 – Anne O’Leary- Exercise and Smovey rings
11. 00 – Colin Donnelly- Mental health/ anxiety/ Depression
11.30 – Refreshments

You can read more about each speaker below.  We hope to see you there.

Colin Donnelly– Colin will be talking about depression, anxiety and mental health.
A brief introduction about myself- My name is Colin Donnelly I work as a Personal Trainer and am qualified in the field of Personal training/Gym & Fitness instruction/Nutrition.
I run my own business called U-fit specialising in the field of Physical Education for kids/teens/adults on the Autism Spectrum working in both private/public schools
across Dublin as well as private individual training and with Dublin City council helping to promote Health and wellbeing programs to the special needs community.
In my spare time I work as a volunteer for the organisation Aware who offer support to those suffering from Depression/Bipolar Disorder on their telephone support line.
I have suffered from this disorder myself all my life and actively encourage anything which can help increase the awareness of such.

Anne O’Leary is an anatomy & physiology tutor and she has skills in reflexology, bio-magnetic pair therapy and Smovey rings.
She will give a short introduction and demonstration of exercises using Smovey rings. This is very beneficial as it can be used by people of all ages and abilities. The rings can be used for general fitness and for improving balance and co-ordination.

Eavanna Breen – Eavanna is the founder and director of Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic and is a trusted and respected skin and laser expert with 26 years of hands on experience. She partners with her clients to help them think differently about how to approach their skin care. Working with clients to attain results that they previously hadn’t been able to achieve is her passion. She believes that great skin cannot be achieved with products alone but through a combined effort of lifestyle, diet, salon treatments and home care. The experience she has gained working with different skin types, skin conditions and numerous product ranges over the years is what sets her apart. She understands technology and keeps an eager eye on what is new to the beauty industry and how it will impact skin. Followed by celebrities such as Olivia Culpo, Eavanna has a deep understanding of her client’s needs and often combines different technologies to create unique results, making her the go to person in Dublin for your skin care


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3rd Year Practicals

What a busy week we have had in Manor House! 88 students completed their Junior Cert Practicals and did a fantastic job. We are very proud of the amazing food they all produced. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all the home economics teachers who have helped them all through the week. Well done girls and thank you teachers 😀

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Last 5th year assignment complete

We are all happy to have finished our last assignment. Assignment 1 was a main course meal suitable for an obese adult. After lots of brainstorming, 5th years decided on Mexican chicken and bean burritos with whole meal tortillas, guacamole and salsa. An excellent choice girls, well done.

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Spice Bag

5th years really enjoyed making (and eating) this healthy version of a spice bag, baked , not fried. With sesame seeds for crunch and a chia seed curry sauce. Rich in Omega 3 for cognitive development and lots of chilli for flavor.

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2 nd years enjoyed a fresh spring walk as part of SPHE. Exercising, positive thinking, having a chat and enjoying nature can all contribute to wellbeing. We are lucky in Manor House to be so close to the beautiful St. Anne’s and to have this amazing carved tree and the sea right beside us.

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3rd Year Mock Practicals

Well done to all my third years who completed their mock practical exam recently. This exam is worth 35% of the mark for Junior Cert and this will increase to 50% with the new Home Economics specification in 2021. Cooking is such an important life skill, so glad to see it is being recognised as this. Below are a sample of some of the fantastic, colorful dishes the girls produced.

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Healthy Dinners

Junior cycle Home Economics students made a healthier version of chicken nuggets and chips. They made oven baked chicken goujons and spicy potato wedges. Leaving the potato skins on and using brown breadcrumbs increases the fiber content. We served this with a capresse salad to add colour, calcium and vitamin C, making it a very balanced meal.

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Cupcake Decorating Competition

Congratulations to Transition Years who took part in the cupcake decorating competition . The winners impressed the Deputy Principal, their Year Head and their TY coordinator by making Oreo butter icing and unicorn cupcakes. Well done 👍

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School Canteen


Thank you to John and the team in the school canteen for supporting the Health Promoting School team. John makes delicious brown bread with pumpkin seeds and home made soup every day. Water is the only drink sold in support of our Healthy Drinks Policy.


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